Quality Policy

Quality is an integral part of Leak-Proof’s business philosophy. Our adherence to this business philosophy has been reflected in our position as a leader in the Indian Mechanical Seal market. Remarkable success of our innovative products and solutions that operate efficiently even in the most severe duty conditions till date.

We believe customer’s satisfaction and trust in any product or service is the key factor in success for any business. And we are committed to bring satisfaction and trust in our products and services through quality. Our commitment to quality is reflected in adherence to our Quality Policy.

Our Quality Policy includes the vital elements for our commitment to excellence in products and services we offer.

At Leak-Proof, we are dedicated to implement high quality standards for our products and services through application of the Integrated Management System (IMS) for Quality & HSE (Health, Safety and Environment). Fully aligned to ISO standards, Leak-Proof’s IMS for Quality & HSE is implemented across the organisation and verified by accredited certification body.

We have implemented IMS through achievement of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certification. Through implementation and adherence to IMS, we assure that Leak-Proof operates to the highest quality standards and meet all regulatory requirements for our products and services with Continuous improvement for our products and services’ quality.